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The Grit Ninja Games

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Competitor Info

Divisions: divisions are based on a competitor's age as of January 1, 2024.

  • ELITE: 15+ years old

  • TEEN: 13-14 years old

  • PRETEEN: 11-12 years old

  • YOUTH: 9-10 years old


Competitors may compete "up" one age division (but may not compete "down").  Athletes under the age of 9 are not permitted to compete without permission.

General Info: all the other good stuff you want to know

  • Competitor tickets are $85.  Premium spectator seating tickets are available for purchase upon check out. 

  • Once registration is open to the public, heat and lane assignments (for Round 1 only) may be chosen by each competitor during the checkout process.

  • The Youth and Teen divisions are currently capped at 32 total competitors.  The Preteen and Elite divisions have higher competitor caps.

  • All races are scheduled to run on Saturday, May 18, 2024, with a rain date scheduled on Sunday, May 19, 2024.  

  • A full competition schedule will be sent to registered competitors once finalized.  Each age division tournament is expected to take approximately 2 hours from Round 1 to podium presentation.

  • Each competitor may have one designated coach who is permitted in warm-up and general competitor holding areas.  Coaches are not permitted on the course - chalk will be available for athletes throughout the course.




Format and Rules

Tournament Format: 4 rounds of head-to-head racing​

  • Round 1 is a "Blitz" style speed course with a 60-second time limit.  Competitors can choose their preferred heat and lane assignment upon initial registration (on a first-come, first-served basis).  The top 20 overall fastest times (male and/or female) plus the next 4 fastest female times will move on to Round 2.

  • Round 2 is a "Fusion" style hybrid course with a 90-second time limit.  Competitors will receive heat and lane assignments based on results from Round 1, with competitors matched up in a traditional bracket-style format.  Each heat winner plus the next 7 fastest times (male and/or female) plus the 4 fastest female times will move on to Round 3 (12 total).  

  • Round 3 consists of all 10-12 obstacles from the Blitz and Fusion courses with a 2-minute 30-second time limit.  Competitors will receive heat and lane assignments based on results from Round 2.  Each heat winner plus the next single fastest time (male and/or female) will move on to the Championship Round (4 total).  A separate Female Championship Round (4 total) will be based on different qualification requirements listed below.    

  • The Championship Round follows the format of Round 3, with podium placement determined solely by the results of this round.  Competitors will choose their lane assignments based on performance in Round 3 (or best performance for females).    

    • The Championship Round will be composed of the top 4 athletes (male and/or female) that qualify directly through Round 3, with a 2-minute, 30-second time limit. 

    • If less than 2 females qualify for the Championship Round, then there will be a separate Female Championship.  Female competitors will qualify for this round based on the top 4 female results through the preliminary rounds, with a 3-minute time limit. 

Racing Rules: traditional single try, farthest-fastest style

  • Competitors will have one attempt each round to complete the course.  Competitors will be ranked based on the traditional format of the most obstacles completed in the fastest time.     

  • Competitors will have one attempt per obstacle, with no retries permitted.

  • A competitor's run will end when: (1) the time limit expires, (2) the competitor fails an obstacle; or (3) the competitor steps "out of bounds."  A competitor is considered out of bounds if they:

    • Step off the course (e.g., step off a starting/landing platform);

    • Use outside elements to aid their run (e.g., no "incidental contact" of mats or other structural elements allowed);

    • Enter another competitor's lane. 

Thank you to our partners!

We are excited to partner with the World Ninja League (WNL) on this event! The WNL is the world's leading ninja obstacle course organization and the premier obstacle league for ninja competitions, whose mission is to grow ninja into a properly regulated sport athletes can participate in, from the recreational level all the way to the professional level.

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